Bonding is required for the following:

  • Scholarship holders (Government and Private Sector).
  • Payment of Economic Cost.
  • Government employees on study leave with pay.

Candidates for bonding must:

  • Contact the PersonnelDepartment (SCD) for guidance with the bonding process
  • Have the names of two sureties (they must be approved before the finalisation of the bonding).
  • Bond forms are filled out by candidate in quadruplicate.
  • All parties (Candidate and Sureties), must sign bond form in the presence of the Registrar, Registry Department.
  • Original bond is lodged at the Registry. Other copies must be returned to the Personnel Department (PD), where a copy is given to the student.
  • Students receiving Economic Cost are required to return their student-copy to the Ministry of Finance.


Location: The Personnel Department is located in the Ministerial Building on Halifax Street, on the second floor, above the SVG Postal Corporation.

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