Mission Statement

To develop the appropriate Human Resource mechanisms in the Public Service to attract, develop and retain a cadre of professionals capable of delivering quality service to all stakeholders, thereby sustaining national development

Vision Statement

To transform the Public Service into a dynamic, efficient, principled organization capable of delivering quality service.

Programme Objectives

  1. To serve the Public Service and the Police Commission, and to perform the functions as set out in sections 78 and 85 of the Saint Vincent Constitution 1979.
  2. To manage Civil Service matters.
  3. To administer the general regulations relating to the Civil Service.
  4. To initiate and review policies affecting Public Service Personnel, Training and the general management of the Training Programme, including Scholarships, with the advice of the Training Committee.
  5. The improvement of management procedures and practices in Ministries/Department through Training Programmes.


  • To facilitate the recruitment, selection, placement and retention of quality workers.
  • To make optimum use of the knowledge and skills of all who demonstrate the potential for excellence.
  • To develop appropriate programmes for officers who do not meet required standards.
  • To implement and enforce the various Civil Service Orders, Public Service Regulations and Statutes governing the management of the Public Service.
  • To enhance the responsiveness and the quality of service provided by the Personnel Department.
  • To enhance human resources throughout the state, through the development and delivery of quality programmes.
  • To undertake Training Needs Assessment to adequately plan and deliver quality training programmes.
  • To provide guidance counselling to Public Officers and to citizens seeking to pursue university studies.
  • To identify and source funds for training programmes.
  • To identify resource personnel to facilitate/deliver quality training programmes.

Target Audience

  • Public Servants and the general public


Location: The Personnel DepartmentĀ is located in the Ministerial Building on Halifax Street, on the second floor, aboveĀ the SVG Postal Corporation.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:15 pm
Saturday - Sunday

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