The Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be joining the international community in celebrating Public Service Day on 23rd June 2018. 

To commemorate this Day, the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU), in the Service Commissions Department, has, as part of its programme for the week of activities, a Ministerial ICT Excellence Award.  

All government ministries, departments, divisions, units, etc., within the Public Service of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, are invited to enter the competition. Exceptions are those government-owned organisations such as statutory bodies.

Please click the following links: Registration Form and Terms and Conditions, for details of the competition.  Upon completion of the registration form, the application form would be forwarded to you.

Deadline for submission of Application Form is 14th June 2018

An Awards Ceremony, announcing the top three winners, would take place at the National Insurance Services’ conference room, on Thursday 21st June 2018. 

Focus of the Competition

The Ministerial ICT Excellence Award competition seeks to highlight government entities that utilise information and communications technology (ICT), in its delivery of services to:

  1. Improve government's efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the needs of its citizens; 
  2. Reduce time and save money in government’s operations by eliminating inefficient practices and processes
  3. Improve access to information, and communication, within government.  
  4. Improve service, and the quality of service delivery.


SOURCE:  Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU)


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