Public Service Week 2017 - Inter-Ministerial Internship

The Inter-ministerial Internship seeks to exchange public servants amongst participating Ministries and Departments. It is hoped that new friendships will be formed, as well as existing professional relationships reinforced. Most importantly, Officers are expected to garner new knowledge and experiences, and share with their Ministry/Department upon return. This should enable the acceleration of innovative citizen-centered approaches, resulting in improved quality of service delivery.

This activity will be held across Ministries and Departments, who have indicated their involvement, over the course of two days - 20th and 21st June. It will be administered by the Service Commissions Department. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), has indicated its willingness to participate in this activity, therefore public servants can make a request to go there for their Internship.

Nomination forms, along with relevant guidelines for this activity, have been distributed for the ease of administration of the Internship process.

It should be noted that assignments are at the discretion of the Chief Personnel Officer. Officers may not be granted their choice of placement. All assignments are final.